23. INI




INICIATIVAS INNOVADORAS is a consultancy company specialized in promoting innovation and facilitating cooperation as key factors in the development of organisations. Iniciativas Innovadoras has broad experience in different EU Programmes (Interreg, Eco-innovation, ICT-PSP, FP7 and H2020), participating either as partners or supporting public and private organizations. Only in the last three years Iniciativas Innovadoras has participated in more than 30 projects in different topics (agriculture, local and rural development, R&D&i, business cooperation, environment). The activities covered are technical, financial and administrative management and coordination as well as dissemination and exploitation tasks. INI has also participated in technical activities related to innovation in different fields, i.e. stakeholder identification and involvement, diagnosis and benchmarking, participatory methodology design and implementation, business inventories, workshops facilitation, etc...

Website: www.iniciativas-innovadoras.es

Contact Person:  Sonia Olza   |   solza@iniciativas-innovadoras.es

Modification date: 31 August 2023 | Publication date: 23 June 2017 | By: Natalia Bellostas