Terrena is the largest French polyvalent agricultural cooperative, with 22,000 farmer members and approximately 300 advisors (crop and animal production).

In 2008, in a general context of increasing staple food demand, energy price rises and stronger social demand for more sustainable farming, the Advisory Board of the cooperative decided to focus its strategy on Ecologically Intensive Farming (EIF), one of the current paradigm of world agriculture, aiming at "producing more and better with less inputs”, by using more ecosystemic services, like crop mixtures. With ReMIX, Terrena aims to increase farm protein autonomy and increase crop diversity on its territory.

Website:  www.terrena.fr

Contact Person: Bertrand PINEL |   bpinel@terrena.fr

Modification date: 31 August 2023 | Publication date: 23 June 2017 | By: Natalia Bellostas