Video TERRENA ReMIX reduce herbicides

Crop mixtures: a way to reduce herbicides. New video available.

The video, released by TERRENA Coop, was recorded on August 2nd 2019 in one of the farms of the French Multiactors Platform (MAP)

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Simon and Jonathan VAILLANT, both farmers involved in ReMIX, and Maureen STADEL, from the Research and Innovation Department of TERRENA and also involved in ReMIX, explain the work carried out and some of the benefits they have witnessed with intercropping.

François GAILLOT, from the marketing department of TERRENA, is the author of this video.Subtitles by Mathilde Daniau and with Alison Turriff.

TERRENA is the largest French polyvalent agricultural cooperative, with 22,000 farmer members and approximately 300 advisors (crop and animal production). With ReMIX, TERRENA aims to increase farm protein autonomy and increase crop diversity on its territory

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