WP6 update 2nd year

The first prototype of the Interplay serious game tested in Pamplona, as part of WP6 activities

By Marion Casagrande and Guillaume Martin

A first prototype of the Interplay serious game has been developed. It aims at :

  • allowing farmers to explore the diversity of intercropping options given expected services and constraints at the cropping system (e.g. previous and following crops) 
  • to assess their potential by simulation.

The prototype has been tested with researchers during two workshops at the annual project meeting in Pamplona. The workshops were dynamic and constructive. Starting with the same initial situation, the 2 groups got to very different cropping systems. This confirms the potential of such a game to explore a diversity of intercropping options. Plenty of interesting suggestions to improve this prototype are being considered: e.g. offering the opportunity to include more than one mixed crop in the crop sequence.

wp6 remix pamplona game 0

Serious game first prototype

wp6 remix pamplona game2

Serious game being tested in Pamplona (May 2019) by project partners

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