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ReMIX H2020 - Intercrops


Modelling and simulating the performance and resilience of species mixtures to identify optimal species traits and management practices

WP5 will conduct virtual (in silico) experiments by modelling/simulation in order to consider a range of EU weather conditions, soil types and climate change scenarios in evaluating the performance of species mixtures. WP5 will scale up field results from WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4 to deliver novel knowledge on choices of adapted species and varieties, management practices and spatial designs of mixtures to identify profitable and feasible practices in WP6. WP5 will assess yield performance and inter-annual stability of species mixtures and identify optimised species trait combinations to guide plant breeding. It will also analyse the efficiency of species mixtures to control weeds under diverse crop management practices and cropping systems and to increase resilience to climate change.

WP5 Responsible Partner: Wopke van der Werf (WU)