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ReMIX H2020 - Intercrops

Next appointment: co-design workshop in Krakow

Workshop Krakow February WP1 and 6
Krakow (Poland) will be hosting next February 25-26 a co-design workshop to stimulate the work already initiated at ReMIX 11 Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs).

The co-design is specified for different objectives, depending on the demand-driven approach which is being followed by our 24 partners in 10 EU countries.  Two objectives are aimed for the meeting: to update on the MAPs performance and to support attendees, in a collaborative way, in their analysis of the sociotechnical system and the co-design process, both developed for each MAP.


Institutional barriers (political, economic, market, policy) for upscaling mixed cropping encountered at different contexts will be shared and discussed, as well as the different models of co-design that are being followed by each MAP. All this knowledge, coming from the work performed by WP1 partners,  should lead, in within the project, to better adjust the development of tools for farmers to be used in their daily practices (such as internet, games, etc) where WP6 has its focus.