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ReMIX H2020 - Intercrops

WP2 workshop in Wageningen

Scientists from INRA, AUTH, SLU, INRA, CAU were hosted by Wageningen University.
A 2.5 days workshop took place in Wageningen university to prepare the Deliverable "Knowledge synthesis on species interactions"

A 2.5 days workshop took place from 5th to 8th february in Wageningen university to prepare the Deliverable 2.1 "Knowledge synthesis on species interactions"

This workshop was convened by Tjeerdjan Stomph of WU, and had the participation of L Bedoussac (INRA), C Dordas (AUTH), Wopke van der Werf (WUR), ES Jensen (SLU), A Baranger (INRA), C Zhang (CAU), L. Li (CAU) and invited students and other listeners from WU.

The final report for this deliverable has the provisional title "Designing species mixtures for improved yield, yield stability and acquisition of  resources - knowns and unknowns". It will present what can be derived from the literature and knowledge among the ReMIX partners releated to the effect of species mixtures on resource capture, yield and resource use efficiences (light, water, nutrients) on yield stability under biotic and abiotic stresses and on nutrient cycling and product quality all in the perspective of the growing enviroments, the species mixtures and the management (e.g. sowing pattern, density, fertilization). Based on this knowledge synthesis the major knowledge gaps will be pinpointed  that ReMIX should address to further our ability to support the design of species mixture based cropping systems for different farming systems across Europe.