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ReMIX H2020 - Intercrops

A field lab on “Plant-teams” counted on the contribution of ReMIX

Field Lab Scotland
© Robin Walker
The field lab, organized by the Soil Association Scotland and the James Hutton Institute, took place at Leven, Scotland, last October 23 2018.

Robin Walker and Christine Watson from SRUC alongside James Hutton Institute researchers Ali Karley, Adrien Newton and Carolyn Mitchell, all of whom are working on EU projects –ReMIX and DIVERSify– shared their knowledge on the potential that growing different crops together has to increase yield, reduce inputs, tackle pests and improve soil health. Benefits already proved at the 500-hectare arable hosting farm were witnessed by local farmers.


Ali Karley (DIVERSify) and Robin Walker (ReMIX) shared their work with local farmers.


Multispecies mixture with beans coming into flower in October in Scotland.