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ReMIX H2020 - Intercrops

Over 60 researchers from 11 European countries gathered in Ancenis (France) at the TERRENA cooperative for the 1st annual meeting of the European project ReMIX

1st annual meeting of ReMIX at TERRENA cooperative in Ancenis
Researchers met from 15th to the 17th May 2018 at the TERRENA cooperative premises in Ancenis (France) for taking stock of the activities carried out in the frame of ReMIX during its first year and for planning the year ahead.

After the first year of intense collaborative work, the complete ReMIX partnership gathered at TERRENA for exchanging on the current status of the different tasks, discussing the preliminary results already obtained as well as planning the second year of activities.

 Faithful to its multi-actor approach, the scientific sessions of ReMIX were complemented with practical work at the multi-actor level, through different workshops scattered across the three day meeting. Different actors of the TERRENA cooperative value chain, such as farmers, advisors, processors, industrial partners and the cooperative CEO were interviewed, allowing ReMIX scientific partners to get an overview of the existing lock-ins in the system that prevent a wider uptake of species mixtures. “The innovative set-up of the annual meeting favoured the creation of a mutual learning framework in which ReMIX partners were able to exchange on concrete aspects of species mixtures with the actors in the value chain, sharing their knowledge and getting direct insight into actors’ needs at the grassroots level”, said Eric Justes, scientific coordinator of ReMIX, currently at CIRAD (France).